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Posted in Falconry on August 31, 2011 by ABS

As a new apprentice the hardest thing to me was settling on an anklet pattern that I liked. My Sponsor uses kangaroo leather anklets with no grommets at all and the bells are tied or zip tied into a hole directly to the tag end. I read the NAFEX forum all the time and glean alot of information from falconers there. I saw a post by “Bellerophon” and was intrigued by the anklets his Redtail had. I emailed him and he sent me a diagram for them.

They are the anklets described and shown in Gary Brewers book “Buteos and Bushytails”. I like that the bells are attached by bell springs riveted directly on to the anklet and with grommets I find I can swap out mews jesses with hunting jesses very quickly. I did use bewets for a very short time for my hawks bells but I didn’t like them. The bells would spin and she would pull at them with her beak. This pattern eliminates the need for bewets with I have to say I like. Below is the diagram he sent me and my adaptation of it.

I know as a new apprentice some might balk at the cost of kangaroo hide, I mean wow $80.00 plus for a half hide but I say if your getting into this hobby go whole hog. Buy a halfhide and start making jesses and anklets. I have anklets for trapping and permenant ones. I also have mews jesses and hunting jesses. If you want a good reason why to always use hunting jesses on your bird in the field just click this link,

Sock, Anklets and new jesses for my next bird.

A rough diagram of the anklet my Sponsor uses.

Close up of the bell spring riveted to the anklet.


My new Bal Chatri.

Posted in Falconry on August 31, 2011 by ABS

Well I had to finally make myself a Bal Chatri and the hardest part was trying to find 16 Gauge Wire cloth. I had to order it from Metal Direct on the internet. It cost m $92.00. I used 40 lb 24″ leaders and leader crimps and fish tank tubing. The J clamps that I used to put the trap together are for making rabbit cages. I copied my Sponsor’s bal chatri, which he said is a Gary Brewer type. My two Gerbils “Lulu” and “Lili” are all wired up and ready to intice me a Redtail into the trap. It should work pretty good. I glued the nooses into the tubing with JB Weld. So once that is dry I will head out next weekend and see how it works.

Tieing the nooses is the hardest part.

Trapping for the elusive Juvenile Redtail.

Posted in Falconry on August 29, 2011 by ABS

In two more weeks I will be heading north to the Fort Worth area to start trapping for another Redtail Hawk. Last month my daughter and I trapped for 3 days straight and caught 3 haggard female Redtails we let them go of course after a nice dousing of mite spray. Our trapping route is almost always Hwy 359 out of Laredo straight to Riviera, Texas. We also take Hwy 59 to Houston. The sheer numbers of Harris Hawks and Redtails we see in the fall is staggering, though we are beginning to notice fewer and fewer juvenile Harris. My daughter was real nervous holding a wild bird but she did great. My Sponsor finally collected his Bal Chatri so I am making my own. Will post pictures of that project. A word of note if you decide to trap down here you best have all your paperwork and licenses because there has yet to be a day we haven’t been stopped by Texas DPS and/or a Game Warden. And believe me they will check you out thoroughly. Oh and if your not from Texas trap Harris Hawks in Arizona their a much better bird …….NOT!


A haggard Redtail in Jim Hog County.

Jasmine's first wild Redtail.


Guess Jasmine will be my first apprentice when I get my General hehe.