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Mews Leash System Issue

Posted in Falconry on June 29, 2013 by ABS

Elia is a jumper in her mews and always has been. If I did not keep her leashed constantly she would be all banged up instead of feather pretty. Pretty I said, not perfect. Well she quickly wears out all sorts of the leashing systems I have used. So I picked up a 33 foot long thin dog lead leash and cut it down to use as her leash. Then Jasmine and I hit the youtube videos to learn how to stitch leather using a hand awl/stitcher. We stitched it into the mews on the eye bolt nice and loose so she has freedom of movement to get to her feed stump, water bowl and her window perch. Just to make sure the stitches hold we zipp tied the top and bottom where we stitched. Hopefully this will work well.






2013 Falconry Update

Posted in Falconry on June 29, 2013 by ABS

Well Elia is holding steady at 100 grams over hunting weight for the molt. She is just fat enough to want nothing to do with me except at feeding time. She has only dropped one deck feather so far and the new one came in nicely. Look at that huge white tipped feather ::happy face::



2013 June Family Visit

Posted in Family on June 29, 2013 by ABS

Well my son, AJ, his wife, Denver and my grandkids, Tristan and Liam, came down this June to visit. Damn little ones are growing like weeds. Thank god they got them “Sutton Good Looks”. Of course my ex-wife disagrees and come to think of it so does my wife, hmmmmm. Well they seemed to have some fun and we did alot of cooking while they were here. Not like I need alot of excuse to be cooking though. It is always good to see family just wish Lance would visit. UPDATE: Lance has left the Marine Corp and joined the Civilian work force. Say a prayer for him because civilian life is HELL.


The Grandkids, AJ and Jasmine.


The Grandkids, AJ and his wife, Denver.


Liam and his parents.


Tristan and I got into trouble for rough housing to much so my wife put us both in TIME OUT, damn it has been many years since I had to stick my nose in the corner. But damn if I am pissing off my wife.

Below we took them to the lake and Jasmine and I tried to teach Tristan to swim. I took the kayak along because WATER AWESOME!








Of course once we left the Lake that wasn’t enough for them, so my wife through a kiddie pool out in the front yard for them, while I cooked lasagna in a dutch over over the fire.

WifeGrandKids (1)

WifeGrandKids (2)

Falconry Coming Out of The Middle Ages

Posted in Falconry on June 29, 2013 by ABS

Well I finally did it I purchased telemetry. Picked up an RT-400 Receiver and bought a scout transmitter for my bird. I purchased the tail mount but will not install it till the end of August since my bird is still molting at a nice fat weight.


Pig Meat

Posted in Falconry on June 29, 2013 by ABS

My neighbor has access to several ranches and has friends with feeders all over. He tends to take alot of people hunting. Alot of people think hunting is awesome fun; they get a gun, go out early and kill something with a loud bang. Afterwards they are done excitement is over. Then they find out holy crap I have to clean this thing, damn that will take hours. Everyone wants to pull the trigger, no one wants to wield the knife.

I see this happen all the time. Well when my neighbor calls and says, “Hey I have four pigs to clean that people have shot.” My daughter and I grab our knives and run over. Half the pig in my freezer was shot by someone else. This is also good practice for my daughter as well.

Here she is hard at work, butchering.



Posing for the Camera.

My Grandson, Tristan, helping out. His Dad was taking a nap. I use to take naps too. I think.

I sure raised that girl right. Mighty proud ‘o her ::spit::. If’in yer interested in a fine wife, she is on da market. Be sure an’ enclose a picture o’ ya ranch when ya send fer inquiries. Just joking.