Importance of a Rotating Diet

I always feed a rotating diet of chicken necks, gizzards, quail, rats, venison, etc. I learned that if all you feed is chicken necks and gizzards with Vita-Hawk you can sometimes run in to trouble with Sour Crop. Elia got Sour Crop once and this is how I cured it.

Once I observed her coughing up her meal and not eating. Which is one of the signs of Sour Crop along with a small hard mass in their crop and rotten breath. I gave her plenty of fluids from a squirt bottle and placed her in the giant hood. I waited one day then I soaked strips of rat w/fur in 2/3 parts Pedialite with 1/3 parts Pepto Bismal. I fed this to her a little at a time and waited. I repeated this over the next few days and she got better.

If you feed fur or feather at last 2 or 3 times a week to insure your bird crops up well. You should rarely have issues with Sour Crop. I always re-bag all my quail and rats in serving size. Makes it easier to take a bag out of the freezer place it in the fridge to defrost to feed her the next day.



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