Falconry 2015 – 2016

Well as y’all can see, I haven’t done any posting reference falconry for this hunting season. It was gearing up to be an awesome year for Falconry. All the rain down here in Laredo has led to a huge prey base. There are rabbits, rats and all sorts of quarry everywhere. I now have a Jack Russell Terrier running rabbits to help keep them four footed critters out of the green stuff for my aerial crew.

This year I was approached and asked to Sponsor a Father and Son which I agreed to do. So with apprentices in hand we started trapping like crazy for another Harris Hawk hen for me, I was hoping for a larger bird this year. Towards the end of September we trapped a beautiful 943 gram bird and her keel seemed a bit thin which leads me to believe she is much bigger fully fat. The very next day I fell down 5 steps on a stairway and ended up breaking my ankle which put me out for the rest of the season. I ended up with a 7 inch titanium plate and 11 screws.

So no falconry for me this season while I recuperate. Though I can fly a hawk on a creance while using a wheelchair. I got good at it.

On a side note, I have been talking to other falconers who trapped birds down here and it seems all of them trapped hens between 940 grams to 960 grams. It was a good year for the birds down here.



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