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Broken Ankle Wont Slow Me Down

Posted in Falconry on February 29, 2016 by ABS

Back at it finally, I am a little wobbly walking over rough terrain so I take it slow. I am still doing physical therapy for my ankle but things are looking up. Finally free flew my new Harris Hen “Eve” and she did great with my rough coat JRT “Dixie”.

My apprentices made me a real sweet Giant Hood and now that I am flying again can finally swap the bird out of the Mews jesses into the hunting ones and give em a good oiling.

Beginning and ending of a great day.


Working the Team

Posted in Falconry on February 16, 2016 by ABS

Well my ankle has healed well enough I can limp around pretty good now. My plate and 11 screws are sure to make me popular at the airports. So this morning I spent introducing my Jack Russell Terrier “Dixie” to Eve my new 947 Gr passage Harris Hawk hen. A couple of nicks on the collar taught the dog to stand off a bit. Also my other Harris Hen “Elia” has grabbed him on the nose before so he knows.

Dixie has had quite a few scent trails laid down with a dead frozen rabbit, “Mr. Frosty” and tracked them successfully. I have two live rabbits we been chasing in the brush as well. This upcoming season we should be good to go sans the limp.

Eve was trapped at 947 Gr and is flying really well at 770 to 790 grams. She pretty much has the same temperament as Elia so I am real happy with her. She is real grabby but that will pass.