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2013 June Family Visit

Posted in Family on June 29, 2013 by ABS

Well my son, AJ, his wife, Denver and my grandkids, Tristan and Liam, came down this June to visit. Damn little ones are growing like weeds. Thank god they got them “Sutton Good Looks”. Of course my ex-wife disagrees and come to think of it so does my wife, hmmmmm. Well they seemed to have some fun and we did alot of cooking while they were here. Not like I need alot of excuse to be cooking though. It is always good to see family just wish Lance would visit. UPDATE: Lance has left the Marine Corp and joined the Civilian work force. Say a prayer for him because civilian life is HELL.


The Grandkids, AJ and Jasmine.


The Grandkids, AJ and his wife, Denver.


Liam and his parents.


Tristan and I got into trouble for rough housing to much so my wife put us both in TIME OUT, damn it has been many years since I had to stick my nose in the corner. But damn if I am pissing off my wife.

Below we took them to the lake and Jasmine and I tried to teach Tristan to swim. I took the kayak along because WATER AWESOME!








Of course once we left the Lake that wasn’t enough for them, so my wife through a kiddie pool out in the front yard for them, while I cooked lasagna in a dutch over over the fire.

WifeGrandKids (1)

WifeGrandKids (2)