Father & Son in Charleston, SC July 2011

Well my job sent me to Georgia last July for two weeks of training and it just so happens my son, Launcelot “Lance”, is stationed at the Marine Corps Air Base in Beaufort, Georgia. So while I was there I rented a car and picked up my boy…er young MARINE, and we took off to Charleston, SC. I am a seafood connoisseur so we hit a few seafood resteraunts. My son isn’t a lover of the seafood so he introduced me to “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”. I had a blast getting to hang out with him. We took the Charleston Harbor Tour which is a big history trip of the battles fought in Charleston. I love that sort of stuff but from the snores coming from Lance I could tell he was bored.

We checked out the Charleston Aquarium which is one of my favorite sites there and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. Most of all I really enjoyed just spending time with my son and palling around with him in downtown Charleston. We had dinner at the Charleston Crab House and he actually drank a BEER with his dad which is a right of passage in hillbilly culture. I have to say I am a Florida Cracker to the core living in Laredo. (Florida Cracker = Someone proud to be from a family descending several generations from Florida)


More Pics Christmas 2010

I figured I would add more pictures of Christmas 2010 with my Son, his wife and my grandson.

Son, Daughter-in-law, & Tristan.


Isis, my beautiful wife.









 Father & Son Hunt 2010

In December 2010, my oldest son, AJ and his wife, Denver, brought my grandson, Tristan, down to Laredo to spend the Christmas holidays with me. Luckily we trapped my first Redtail, “Noel” while he was here. My son was basically raised by my ex-wife, Carmen, and we saw each other very sporadically while he was growing up. So I jump at the chance anytime I get to spend time with my older children. While he was down we went pig hunting in Encinal, Texas at my friends ranchito. We sat in a ground blind with corn all around praying to help erraticate their pig problem. Any other day I go to that ranch I trip over the feral hogs but on the day I take my son, nothing! Oh we saw deer everywhere but I don’t enjoy hunting deer. Quail, ducks, dove, rabbit, squirrel and pigs I am all for that action but deer NOOOO! To much hassle and not as palatable as pork to me. Never the less my son had a blast hanging out with my bud at his ranch.



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